Lottie Dolls & Special Needs Tutoring: Guest Blog by Georgina

The lovely Georgina from Cheshire Special Education Needs Tutoring has written a blog post about her day-to-day job as a Tutor, and how Lottie Dolls could help with learning through play, and with topics such as self-image and gender equality!


1. Where are you from? 

 Cheshire, England


2. Describe yourself in 3 words.





3. Which Lottie/Finn would you say you’re most like? Why?

Pirate Queen Lottie!

Firstly, I love adventure (I have a toddler, so it goes with the territory!).

Secondly, I'm a big believer, like Pirate Queen Lottie, that everyone should be able to follow their dreams. Pirate Queen Lottie doesn't let being a girl get in the way of being a pirate. Everyone - regardless of their gender, race, disabilities etc - should be able to follow the career paths they choose. 


4. Tell us about your job as a Special Needs Tutor – what do you day-to-day?

As a Special Needs tutor, and founder of Cheshire SEN Tutor, I work with lots of children with Special Educational Needs (usually in their homes) helping them with a range of skills from literacy and numeracy to fine motor skills and behaviour.


I work with children with many different educational needs for example children with Autism, ADHD, Speech and Language delays and Dyspraxia. 


My tutoring sessions vary completely depending on the child's needs and are individually tailored and flexible. I work with a whole range of ages of children, from pre school (2+) to secondary school. 


5. Do you think Lottie can help you in your job?


A lot of learning, especially for younger children, happens through play. Lottie dolls would be a great resource for developing children's understanding of social situations and imaginative play. And what I love is that the dolls reinforce important values such as self-image, inclusion and gender equality


Find out more about what Georgina does on her website, or you can check out her blog, or find her on Twitter.

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