How can we Boost our Children's Confidence?

In the news this week we spotted a BBC Newsround story outlining that a lack of confidence stops girls playing sport.


The report outlines new research that has shown that girls in England and Northern Ireland are getting less exercise than boys. Girls told researchers from the Youth Sport Trust and Women in Sport that, “they felt insecure, hated other people watching them and didn't feel confident with the way their bodies looked.” What can we tell our girls to boost their confidence and get them moving?

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A few months back we had a guest-blog written for us by Annabelle Short, who takes us through some advice on how to help your child grow their confidence. 


Self-confidence is a valuable trait we should help our children build - it prepares them to better handle stress, alters the way they carry themselves, sets them up for a better sense of reality, and offers several other emotional, mental, and physical benefits.

Wildlife Photographer Mia, the first mass-produced doll who wears a cochlear implant - created in partnership with Toy Like Me 


One of her key pieces of advice was to offer your child realistic examples and role-models to look up to. In doing so, you are offering them an example they can actually relate to. They are less likely to be constantly comparing themselves to something that strongly favors how they actually are. To see the full post by Annabelle on How to Help Your Child Build Self-Confidence, you can find it here.

Allie, the Inspiration behind Robot Girl Lottie & Buzy Lizzie the Robot


It is for this reason that Lottie focuses so strongly on preserving the magic of childhood, and letting kids be kids! We take so much inspiration from the children that play with Lottie, Finn & Friends, and have commited that all of our products going forward will be designed, or directly influenced by children, through our Inspired by Real Kids Competitions!

Abigail, the inspiration behind Stargazer Lottie, as part of our Inspired by Real Kids Campaign


To find out more about our Inspired by Real Kids Competitions, and for details on how to enter to become the next Lottie Designer - check it out, here!



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Lottie dolls, an Irish doll company who believe that childhood should be an inclusive place where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability and aim to reflect that in their collection. Developed alongside academics in child development, unlike other dolls, Lottie Finn and Friends are based on nine-year-old children, the dolls are therefore relatable to all the elements of childhood – Lottie’s motto is Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You!


Six of the Lottie products to date have been inspired by ideas from real children from around the world. When launching Lottie, the vision was to create a range of dolls that would empower children to be themselves, to be imaginative and adventurous and - most of all – to have fun!


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