DIY Lottie Summer Festival Clothes by Delia Kiddle

‘I like Lottie because of the empowerment they give children.’

Delia Kiddle, from Dorset, England, United Kingdom was recently involved in our #LottieInstaTakeover.  


We here at Lottie HQ were particularly blown away with Delia’s DIY Lottie festival outfits, so we decided to catch up with her to ask how she made those cute outfits and what her thoughts are on Lottie, and being a mother of two!

1) Where are you from?

I grew up in Dorset, but have lived in Somerset for the last 6 years where both my children were born.


2) What do you do for a living?

I'm a Mum of two, and also a part time Health Care Assistant in a Doctors Surgery.


3) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Hmmm....  creative, adventurous and honest.

4) Which Lottie/Finn would you say you're most like?

Fossil Hunter Lottie. Because I grew up on the coast and spent many a day fossil hunting, treasure seeking and rock pooling. I love having sandy toes and the sea air in my hair!


5) Why do you like Lottie?

I like Lottie because of the empowerment they give children. I have always encouraged my children that they can be anything they want. Lottie has no boundaries in what she can achieve and really encourages them to learn about STEM, which is close to my heart.

6) Tell us how you made clothes for Lottie? (Step by step guide)

My sewing skills are questionable so this no-sew outfit was ideal! The items are made from felt, which is naturally slightly stretchy, which meant dressing was easier. I used simple items from my craft box to create the outfit and used glue dots and double sided tape to secure.

It's a simple outfit which can be adapted in many styles, lengths and colours depending on your choice! I have done some step by step drawings which hopefully will explain the process better:


Lottie Headband


Lottie Skirt


Lottie Dress


Massive thank you to Delia for her lovely Q&A and amazing DIY festival outfit guide! We loved seeing how much fun you & the kids had with Lottie!

Would you like to try make this outfit? Let us know if you do, and how you get on in the comments :)


You can find Delia’s amazing photography on her Instagram!

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