Back to School with School Days Lottie!

It’s that time of year again, September – which means it’s time to dig out your backpack, sort your books and grab your uniform, it’s back to school time, or for some, it’s time to start school!



School can be a wonderful place of making friends, playing with your pals, and of course learning – but it can also be a big step for kids to start school, or if they’re moving into a higher class they may be feeling under pressure to keep up. School Days Lottie is a great companion for the first day, or for after school to sit by and help with homework or listen to any worries your little one has.


September is a very special time of year, with kids and parents getting back into a routine and Lottie loves learning:

"Lottie can't decide what the best thing about going back to school is; seeing her friends, learning new topics, or meeting her new teacher, Miss Fiona. Miss Fiona encourages Lottie and her classmates to work together and to simply do their best and reminds them that it's ok to ask for help. Lottie is determined to learn her times tables off by heart, with practice it becomes easier. In the playground Lottie is always the girl her friends come to, to think up new games and solve problems and when Lottie needs advice she turns to her special leadership cards."



Included with School Days Lottie, inside her box, is 10 very special cards that contain Leadership Tips for Girls. These collectible cards were created by the Girls Leadership Institute, an organisation created to inspire girls and boys to be comfortable, confident in themselves, and empowered.

Along with a message of empowerment, Lottie Dolls were created with childhood in mind. Body confidence and a healthy self-image are also hugely important to us, which is why Lottie, Finn & Friends are based on the proportions of actual 9-year old children.


The most important thing to remember about school is to try your best, and have fun – if in doubt just remember Lottie’s message, which is Be Bold, Be Brave, BE YOU!


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