200th Anniversary of Ada Lovelace - Lottie's STEM Inspirations!

Ada Lovelace Day - Celebrate with Lottie Dolls

Happy Ada Lovelace Day everyone! LOTTIE, alongside people all over the world on this special day - hopes to inspire future generations to become excited by and interested in STEM!

We want girls to "Be Bold, Be Brave, BE YOU!" 

Ada Lovelace Day


Ada Lovelace day, is the annual celebration of women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and is named after English Scientist, Ada Lovelace, known as the world's first computer programmer. Check out our fun Ada Lovelace mini biography!


Lottie STEM dolls for kids Ada Lovelace Day


LOTTIE recognises this love of, and interest in STEM in our next generation of inventors, engineers and scientists - and has created dolls and accessories to reflect these passions, based on ideas from real girls, like Allie (USA) who inspired Busy Lizzie Robot! 



Both Robot Girl Lottie and the Busy Lizzie Robot encourage girls to engage in STEM based activities, through play. Inspired by the story of Allie (age ten, USA) who tried to create a robot from recycled household items for her school science fair (then aged six!), the doll and accessory are part of the growing Lottie STEM collection. Erin Kennedy and Kathy Ceceri, esteemed scientists in the areas of robotics, also inspired the design of Robot Girl and Busy Lizzie. 


  Pictured: Inventor/Maker Allie (age 10) with Robot Girl Lottie, exhibiting at the Omaha Makers Faire. 


How are you celebrating Ada Lovelace Day? Send your adventures to LOTTIE at whereslottie@lottie.com and we will share your STEM snaps! You could WIN a Lottie Doll

You can share with us how you are celebrating via Official Lottie Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Use the hashtags #lottiedolls #adalovelaceday and #ALD15  to celebrate online with millions of women and girls who have a passion for encouraging and promoting STEM themes, careers and hobbies! 



 Team Lottie! 

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