International Day of The Girl - Celebrate with Lottie

11th of October Marks International Day of the Girl - Lottie Celebrates the Real Girls who have inspired her! 


Let's meet all of the LOTTIE Real Girls who have inspired dolls and accessories from our collection!

Before we meet our girls, we have some good news - to celebrate Day of The Girl, all Club Lottie members will be entered into a DRAW to win ALL six Lottie dolls and accessories mentioned in this post, announced on Friday the 16th October, 2015. Subscribe to Club Lottie below, to be in with a chance! 

Superhero Doll - Lottie Doll

Pictured: Lily (age 7) Kirtland, Ohio, USA - the girl behind our Super Lottie Outfit Set. 

Our Lottie Dolls have been inspired by some incredible real girls! Lottie fans shared with us the type of dolls they wanted to see and play with. We listened.

Through social media, our monthly competition entries, emails from parents or via our global crowdsourced competitions, ideas came flooding in from the Lottie community.

The result? Several incredible Lottie dolls and accessories, straight from the imaginations of our inspiring real girls. Girls from all over the world shared their designs and ideas with us at Lottie - proving that when empowered to share their voice and vision, girls have the ability to change the world!

Robot Girl Lottie and Busy Lizzie Robot

Robot Girl Lottie and Busy Lizzie Robot - Lottie Dolls

 Image; Still from our Robot Girl Stopmotion video. 


Both Robot Girl Lottie and the Busy Lizzie Robot encourage girls to engage in STEM based activities, through play. Inspired by the story of Allie (age ten, USA) who tried to create a robot from recycled household items for her school science fair (then aged six!), the doll and accessory are part of the growing Lottie STEM collection. Erin Kennedy and Kathy Ceceri, esteemed scientists in the areas of robotics, also inspired the design of Robot Girl and Busy Lizzie. 


Allie Weber Omaha Maker Faire with Robot Girl Lottie Doll STEM toys for girls.

Pictured: Inventor/Maker Allie (age 10) with Robot Girl Lottie, exhibiting at the Omaha Makers Faire. 

Superhero Lottie Outfit Set

Superhero Lottie Accessory Set Superhero for girls. Dolls

Still from the 'Every Girl's A Superhero video, 2014.


Last year, we launched a global crowd-sourced Super Hero Outfit Design competition, which was independently judged by non-profit group, Brave Girls Alliance. The global Lottie #GirlSuperhero campaign asked children to design their ideal girl superhero, in the form of Lottie, to demonstrate that girls can be superheroes too! A once-in-a-lifetime chance for a child to see their dream superhero-doll become a reality! The winner was Lily, (then aged six) from Kirtland, Ohio, USA. Super Lottie outfit set was launched on International Day of the Girl, 2014. 

 Superhero Lottie - Real Girl Inspired - Superhero doll for girl Lottie Dolls

Pictured: Lily with her Lottie design brought to life in doll form (and matching costume!)

 Gone Fishing Outfit Set

Boy Doll - Fishing Accessory Set Finn Doll Lottie Dolls

Image; Still of Finn Boy Doll and accessories, from a review by our friend, Dolly Confessions


Cadence (age 7) and her family contributed to one of our monthly online competitions, the 'LOTTIE Create Outfit Design Competition'  with an interesting, imaginative and colourful outfit idea; one where LOTTIE seems to be well prepared for an exciting fishing adventure! Gone Fishing Accessory Set!


Finn Boy Doll Lottie Dolls Gender balance

Pictured; Creative Cadence (USA) with her beloved Finn Doll and Gone Fishing Accessory Set.

Stargazer Lottie Doll 

 Stargazer Lottie Doll - CTV Footage

Pictured: Abigail (age 6 - BC, Canada) and her Mom, Zoe being interviewed by CTV News. 

Last year, Abigail (then aged five) had some stellar ideas for a STEM-inspired Lottie doll, one who loves astronomy as much as Abigail herself does and her encouraging Mum, Zoe passed these ideas our way;

"For Stargazer Lottie's box Abby thinks there should be a telescope, constellations like Andromeda and Ursa Major. She would also like the Earth to appear as it does from space, a meteor shower, the moon, and Venus. Abby really hopes that the doll has some stars on her clothing!"


Stargazer Lottie STEM Doll for girls

 Pictured; Abigail meeting her Stargazer Lottie Doll for the first time, earlier this year. 

 Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll

Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll

Still taken from our 2014 Every Girl's A Superhero Viral Video. 

Fossil Hunter Lottie was inspired by inspirational real girl Olivia's (age 8, Cheshire, UK) dreams for a 'Fossil - Hunter' doll to play with; and aims to inspire a generation of girls and boys to consider aspirations and hobbies beyond the status quo! “I love collecting fossils and so did my mummy and grandma when they were little."

Olivia Fossil Hunter Lottie Save Our ScoutsPictured; Olivia and her Fossil Hunter Lottie - Olivia is campaigning for her local club house their Save our Scouts Campaign

We are very proud of the girls who came to us with these amazing ideas, this relatability and retention of the magic of childhood is a huge part of what Lottie is about. We hope that more of you will share your hopes and dreams with Lottie!  

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Team Lottie. 


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