Girls United - Celebrating Women's World Cup 2015

Have you been following the Women's World Cup 2015? The cup, held in Canada this year has proved an incredibly exciting tournament so far, with the female football players from all 24 qualifying countries embodying the true spirit of football and inspiring legions of fans (old and new) to join in the support. 

Well done to England's Lionesses who finished 3rd at the World Cup, becoming the top European nation.
Fara Williams's extra-time penalty ensured England beat Germany for the first time in 31 years.
The performance was the second best by an England team following the 1966 win by the men's side.

For the Final on Sunday 5th of July we will see Japan face the USA (TV schedule: USA: 7 p.m., ET, FOX;  UK: Midnight, BBC Two) Japan is looking for their second consecutive World Cup title; we are excited to watch this World Cup match, it is sure to be as gripping as the last for viewers! 



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Lottie, the award-winning ‘pro girl’ doll, plays football and wears a ‘Girls United’ kit. Lottie dolls aim for girls to get hands on with the activities the doll themes inspire, sports in particular are an important way for children to have fun, exercise their minds and bodies and bond with their friends and teammates!  

To coincide with the Women’s World Cup, Lottie is now helping to encourage girls’ interest in football in a fun and accessible way, with the release of an exciting free printable activity for kids.


Parents can download and print out a set of themed, fun and practical football coaching tips from USA soccer coach and author Andrea Montalbano.

Download Here

Andrea Montalbano says "Getting girls into football is as easy as stepping outside with a ball. It's a fantastic way to get little bodies moving, brilliant family time, and most of all a lot of fun. Football is for everyone!" 

Lucie Follett, Creative Director of Lottie Dolls, explains “Developing football skills is not only a great way to get fit and healthy, but it also helps girls build confidence to reach their potential.”

The activity set has received support from the sporting community!



“It’s great to see that companies like LOTTIE are realising there is such a vast number of girls who love football. The women’s game is the third largest team sport in England only behind men’s football and men’s rugby. Let’s hope England's Lionesses encourage more girls to start playing the game!”

Polly Fildes, Women's Football National Project Officer at The Football Association


“We’re happy to support this great campaign in the hope that these Lottie World Cup inspired printables encourage lots more young girls to get involved in football – playing the beautiful game and also seeing there are lots of opportunities to become coaches, referees and officials in the future.”

Sue Anstiss, Women’s Sport Trust


 Let us know your thoughts on the Women's World Cup so far? #LetsGoGirls @lottie_dolls 



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