Celebrate Real-Life Jurassic Explorers with Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll


Today, May 21st, we celebrate the birthday of trailblazing British fossil discoverer, Mary Anning! What better way for Lottie to mark the day, than to officially launch the Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ ‘Fossil Hunter’ Lottie doll; a collaboration with TrowelBlazers. Fossil Hunter Lottie was inspired by inspirational real girl Olivia's dreams for a 'Fossil - Hunter' doll to play with; and aims to inspire a generation of girls and boys to consider aspirations and hobbies beyond the status quo! 



Fossil Hunter Lottie at the National History Museum, London. 



Read Mary Anning's remarkable biography for kids!



We worked closely with the TrowelBlazers team to create the palaeontology-themed Fossil Hunter Lottie doll.  Lottie’s tagline is “Be bold, be brave, be you”, and fossil hunting is just one of the many adventurous activities that Lottie seeks to inspire girls and boys to get ‘hands-on’ with. The girls and boys who play with Lottie never cease to amaze us - from the unique and norm-defying hobbies they enjoy, to their widely active imaginations, and their strong desire to be heard in terms of the toys they want to play with! 

Sarita (age 3) exploring the Jurassic Coast with her Mum, Anjana - an earth scientist and friend of Team Lottie! #girlsdigscience 



As with many of the Lottie dolls, Fossil Hunter was inspired by the dreams and designs of a real-girl, who thought outside of the box whilst entering a Lottie monthly outfit design competition - Olivia (age 7) from Cheshire, UK.  Olivia says “I love collecting fossils and so did my mummy and grandma when they were little.” Olivia is one of the Lottie inspirational real girls, who have seen their designs brought to life, in doll form - and was one of the first girls in the world to receive her own Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll. 



Olivia's Extraordinarily Detailed and Imaginative Proposal! 


Together, Arklu, Team Trowelblazers and the Jurassic Coast arranged for a very special adventure for one lucky group of children: a real life fossil hunt along the Jurassic coast - with the aim of getting children actively hands-on and engaged with learning about fossils.  The adventure can be seen here:



The special fossil hunt along the Jurassic Coast was held for a group of children and led by the knowledgeable Katrina Dixon from the Jurassic Coast Team, with assistance from Dr Brenna Hassett of TrowelBlazers, our Creative Director Lucie Follett also joined in on the fossil hunting adventure! 


TrowelBlazers, are a team of American and English women, whose aim is to provide positive role models for women and girls in the earth sciences. The group is headed up by a team of proactive and dynamic women working in the field; the group is co-directed by Dr Hassett (Natural History Museum London), Dr Victoria Herridge (Natural History Museum London), Dr Suzanne Pilaar Birch (University of Georgia), and Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes (University of Bordeaux). Started just two years ago on social media, trowelblazers.com now has over 100 profiles of women on their website. 


Fossil Hunter Lottie checking out the rocks of the idyllic South Fork Eel River, south of the Avenue of Giants.



“There is a saying that is very important to TrowelBlazers: ‘If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.’ Our mission is to reset imaginations, and showing people the diversity of careers available to budding palaeontologists is one way of opening up these fields to a greater diversity of people”.




Trowelblazers,  Brenna and Tori take Fossil Hunter Lottie on her first trip to the Natural History Museum.


“TrowelBlazers aims to show that inspirational role models for girls in science are diverse and many. Showing kids that people like them can do this makes a massive difference. We were happy to volunteer our time to help design Fossil Hunter Lottie, and hopefully inspire girls and boys to get outside and explore the ancient history of the earth- and maybe make an amazing discovery themselves.”


Fossil Hunter Lottie’s UK tour is being documented on twitter, and pictures of her fossil hunting adventures use the hashtag #realfossilhunter.




We at Lottie, are also running a social media campaign and competition to prove that girls (as well as boys!) are interested and actively involved in all-things science! Use the hashtag #girlsdigscience or emailing us direct at whereslottie@lottie.com




Abigail (age 7) Edmonton, Candada on her first dinosaur dig, courtesy of her Aunt, Liz #girlsdigscience


Fun and educational Fossil Hunter content is available to download from the our website, including biographies of notable women in palaeontology, as well as educational activities created by the wonderfully helpful and proactive Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team!


Fossil Hunter Inspired Experiments & Activities to appear soon on Lottie.com!



Lucie Follett, Our Co-Founder and Creative Director, explains how the Fossil Hunter Lottie doll seeks to send an empowering and confidence-building message to girls:

“We want to expose girls to all of the options that are open to them, activities that will stimulate their minds and also keep their bodies active; science, sports and other outdoor activities, as well as fun, imaginary play.  There are many ways to be a girl!”


Gold Collection Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll in collaboration with Trowelblazers. 
















  • As part of the relationship with the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, £1 from every Fossil Hunter Lottie doll sold through www.lottie.com will be donated to the Jurassic Coast Trust, which runs conservation and education projects along the 95 miles of World Heritage Coast.

Visit Fossil Hunter Lottie; http://lott.ie/Shop-Fossil-Hunter-Lottie 

NEWS: Fossil Hunter Lottie is now available at the National History Museum, London; http://www.nhmshop.co.uk/inspiration/mary-anning/fossil-hunter-lottie-doll.html 

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