Lottie Inspirational Real Girls: National Superhero Day: Meet Lily!

Today we celebrate ‘National Superhero Day’, and who better to mark the occasion than our very own girl superheroes, Lily and Lottie! Did you know our Super Lottie outfit set was inspired by the design of six year old Lily? Less than one year ago, we launched a global crowd-sourced Super Hero Outfit Design competition, which was independently judged by non-profit group, Brave Girls Alliance. The global Lottie #girlsuperhero campaign asked children to design their ideal girl superhero, in the form of Lottie, to demonstrate that girls can be superheroes too! A once-in-a-lifetime chance for a child to see their dream superhero-doll become a reality! 


Winner, Lily (age 6) from Kirtland, Ohio. 


The Superhero Outfit Design Competition was launched in April 2014 (now closed!)

Crowd Sourced Competition 

The entries that followed blew us away, so creative, heartfelt, powerful, ambitious and imaginative; the resounding message was that these girls wanted a superhero reflective of them.  Lily, from Kirtland, Ohio was the overall winner, and came face to face with her incredible design (below) in the Autumn/Fall of last year (2014) when it became commercially available worldwide! Lily got to see her original artwork design, name, age, city and country as well as a description of superhero abilities on the back of the Super Lottie outfit packaging.



Lily (age six) Kirtland Ohio with her winning design & end result!



Inspiring Superhero Lottie Design entries came in from all over the world!  


From Lily's Imagination to Shelves Worldwide

What was unique about this competition prize was that this was the first time that a crowd-sourced design by a child went into commercial production!

Lily’s design description was; “Lottie has the power to be anything, to do anything and to make the world a better place. She is unique and special in her own way!”

This simple and positive description of Lottie, from Lily, is very reflective of Lottie’s own message, which is to encourage girls to be themselves and embrace their full potential, every girl is a superhero! 


Lily's Winning Design Entry



Lily holds her imagination in her hands, the Super Lottie Accessory Set was made available Autumn 2014. 

Super Inspiration

Words from our Creative Director and Co -Founder Lucie Follett; “It’s great to see how the Lottie message ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You’ has been listened to and interpreted by kids all over the world!”

Lily’s design has had an amazing knock-on effect,  even inspiring other girls to dress up as Super Lottie for Halloween and for fancy dress birthday parties (with the help of their talented parents!)

Creative and adventurous young girls inspiring one another to stand tall as superheroes, and explore the exciting world of superpowers; if that isn't confirmation of a job well done, we don’t know what is! Thank you Lily! 


Alisa (age 6) from Victoria, Australia wearing a handmade Super Lottie costume to a themed party! 




Every Girl's A Superhero! #Lily #LottieDolls #girlsuperhero #beyou




Get involved

At Lottie, we run regular crowd-sourced, creative competitions, some of which have inspired Lottie doll product development. The children who play with Lottie have proven to be very passionate about their ideas for the dolls they would like to play with, which they have communicated to us through written stories, arts and crafts and photography.

If your family would like to contribute to our Lottie Dolls monthly or campaign-led competitions, please visit our competitions page – you could be in with a chance to win Lottie inspired prizes or perhaps see your ideas become a reality, like Lily! 


To see Super Lottie in Action, why not watch  and share our Every Girls’ A Superhero Stopmotion Video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnLaTXMfrhA 


Visit Lily’s Super Lottie Creation: http://www.lottie.com/collections/all/products/super-lottie-superhero-outfit


For More on the Brave Girls Alliance Visit; 



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