Inspirational Lottie Real Girls: Meet Stargazer, Abigail!

Inventive, creative and imaginative girls like Abigail (age six, from Victoria, British Colombia), have wonderful ideas for the dolls that they want to play with, and we love to hear them! Lottie is a child-like doll, getting involved in all of the kinds of adventures that real girls do, and so why not give real girls, like Abigail, the chance to see their suggestions become the doll of their dreams?!


Pictured: Abigail at Ottawa Aviation and Space Museum, Ontario, Canada.  

Abigail's Story

Last year, Abigail (then aged five) had some stellar ideas for a STEM inspired Lottie doll, one who loves astronomy as much as Abigail herself does and her encouraging Mum, Zoe passed these ideas our way;

"For Stargazer Lottie's box Abby thinks there should be a telescope, constellations like Andromeda and Ursa Major. She would also like the Earth to appear as it does from space, a meteor shower, the moon, and Venus. Abby really hopes that the doll has some stars on her clothing!"

Did you know the idea behind Stargazer Lottie was sent to us by Abigail (age 6) from B.C Canada?! Abigail was recently...

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Pictured: Abigail in her 'element' at Ottawa Aviation and Space Museum, Ontario, Canada. 


Abigail loves to look at astronomy books and talk through them with her Mom, Zoe, and also enjoys visiting museums, especially science and space museums. She is a huge fan of retired Canadian astronomer, Chris Hadfield, whom she has met (see below!), Abigail knows how to draw stars, and is learning about the constellations! A real-life Stargazer!

Pictured: Abigail (and family) meeting her hero, retired Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield.


Pictured: Abigail and her treasured book, Chris Hadfield's 'An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth.' 



Abigail Meets Stargazer Lottie

Abigail proved to us that she was extremely passionate about her interest in all things space; which we thought was pretty astounding and impressive at 5 years old!

Encouraging girls to get involved in a wide range of activities, beyond those that are typically targeted to them, is a huge part of what Lottie is all about; celebrating the many facets of childhood; be it ballet dancing or imaginative fancy dress to robot building, stargazing or even fossil hunting, children should enjoy being themselves, without limitation! #beyou


Pictured: Special Lottie delivery for Abigail!  


Pictured: Imagination brought to life!


Pictured: Abigail gets to grips with her fellow Stargazer.


Pictured: Abigail reads her  Lottie solar system collector cards.  



Abigail On Stargazer Lottie...  

"Abigail said that Stargazer's clothes are wonderful with the soft warm coat being her favourite part. She believes that this Lottie's hair is the softest and a great colour. She was very interested and perhaps a bit surprised to see how many women had contributed to discoveries in space. Many of the people we have learned about are men, Chris Hadfield being a prime example but also Galileo and Copernicus etc. The sheet is a wonderful start to learning about some more female role models. Stargazer has adopted Biscuit and he is helping keep her safe when she goes outside to watch the stars! (Abigail has a big black Labrador, Wendel, who is her protector - makes her feel safe in the dark)"


Pictured: Abigail, her trusty companion Wendel and Stargazer Lottie get ready to gaze at the nights sky.

How YOU Can Get Involved

Like Abigail and Zoe, you too can become part of the Lottie story! LOTTIE holds monthly competitions LOTTIE Outfit Design and a Where's LOTTIE? a photography competition where Lottie fans from all over the world get involved in submitting photos and designs of their Lottie dolls and dream Lottie dolls (winners announced the first Friday of each month.) Entries require permission from a parent, and can be submitted to;



We would like to offer a huge thank you to Abigail for her amazing contribution and look forward to keeping in touch with Abigail and Zoe!

Introducing Stargazer Lottie!


Special Edition Gold Collection

The Special Edition ‘Gold Collection’ ‘Stargazer’ Lottie doll is a collaboration with the European Space Agency. Find out more at ESA Space for Kids: A kid-friendly website from the European Space Agency offering space-related information, games, quizzes and photos.


Award Winning!

Stargazer Lottie was the recent recipient of the esteemed ‘Little Scientist’ Space Age Award at the New York Toy Fair 2015, who said “This doll was one of our favorite things at Toy Fair, hands down. The creator's mission to get young girls interested in astronomy is laudable, and the doll itself is perfect for a young child first exploring the cosmos.”

Click through to see more - Stargazer Lottie Doll is available NOW!


-Lottie Team

Photos of Abigail Courtesy of Mother, Zoe. 


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  • I think you should have a netball Lottie doll.I think children will love it i would love it.

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  • A leading female astrophysicist based at the University of Portsmouth has been involved in creating a new doll designed to encourage girls into stargazing. The Stargazer Lottie doll is described as a ‘pro-girl’ doll, with a body that is based on the proportions of a real life nine year old, practical clothes and no make-up or jewellery.

    BiobioMath on

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