An interview with Lucie, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Arklu

If you've ever wondered how Lottie came to be, or the research that went into her creation, here is an interview with Lucie, co-founder of Arklu. Lucie is Creative Director and is responsible for all product development.

“And that's the thing - Lottie represents all the positive, different facets of childhood, without limitation.
As Melissa Wardy, author of 'Redefining Girly', says: There are many ways to be a girl! It’s about balance; it's about allowing girls to see the full range of possibilities open to them, and girls being supportive of one another in their interests and activities, however diverse those choices might be.
Pink in itself is NOT the problem; rather, it's the limitations that have come to be associated with it, and recently the constant reinforcement that to like pink or embrace femininity is weak or inferior, which I think is equally damaging.
Let’s give children the choice!”

Full video transcript available here

About Lucie:

When she is not working, Lucie enjoys reading (especially history books and biographies), travelling (she explored Beijing last Summer, on her own, by bicycle), watching box-sets during the Winter months (Breaking Bad, The Middle, Borgen, The Killing) and cooking for friends. In Summer, she loves to get outside London, exploring the countryside. The rugged coastline of N Cornwall is a favourite, especially for hikes and cycling along the Camel Trail, and of course the fresh seafood.

She is proud Auntie to Sienna, aged almost 3. Sienna is currently into construction diggers and her dog-shaped balloon.

Lucie's role models are her Mum, both Grandmothers, Tamara Mellon OBE (the founder and former Creative Director of the Jimmy Choo brand), Biddy Baxter MBE (the former editor of the BBC children's programme 'Blue Peter') and Melinda Gates, for her philanthropic activities and desire to bring about a positive change in the world.

Lucie went to an all girls' convent school, and then on to an all girls' College at Durham University......some *considerable* years ago.


About Arklu:

Lucie Follett and Ian Harkin are business partners and they are the co-founders of Arklu.

Find out more about how they started Arklu, with the launch of the best-selling Royal Wedding dolls in 2011, and how this experience of bringing a product to market then led into their research of the doll industry and the subsequent development of Lottie as a result of working with parents, retailers, and children.

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