Inspirational Lottie Real Girls: Meet Cadence!

As we launch our Gone Fishing Outfit set this week, we would like to share the story of Cadence, age 7, the girl who helped inspire its creation. Cadence and her family contributed to one of our monthly online competitions, the 'LOTTIE Create Outfit Design Competition'  with an interesting, imaginative and colourful outfit idea; one where LOTTIE seems to be well prepared for an exciting fishing adventure!



Cadence's Story

In Cadence's drawing, Lottie is equipped with rubber boots, and a net and pole for reeling in her catch of the day, surrounded by choppy blue waters. Lottie also has a unique fish patch on her top.

Cadence, Ridgefield, USA,  told us that she loves to fish because “its fun, you get to catch yummy fish, and I like flinging the pole!”



Cadence started fishing with her Dad when she was old enough to go with him to the Kalama River to fish for salmon and steelhead. She loves spending time with her Dad in the great outdoors, and received her first fishing pole, which was orange, for Christmas, at the early age of three.




This ‘Gone Fishing' Outfit Set was created with FINN in mind, and can also be worn by LOTTIE!


"Finn has always loved wildlife, and learning about all the different types of fish there are! Armed with his new fishing rod, Finn is going down to Branksea Lake to try it out. He hopes he catches a fish, even if he does end up throwing it back in!"

Get Involved!

Like Cadence, you too can be a part of the LOTTIE story! LOTTIE holds monthly competitions LOTTIE Outfit Design (winners announced on the second Friday of each month) and Where's LOTTIE? a photography competition where Lottie fans from all over the world get involved in submitting photo's of their Lottie's, and occasionally themselves, (winner announced the first Friday of each month.) Both of which require permission from a parent before entering and can be submitted to;



Where to Find Gone Fishing:


Gone Fishing and all of the dolls and outfit sets can be found on;


Have a look here;


A big thank you to Cadence for her wonderful contribution to LOTTIE and the Gone Fishing Outfit Set!


Team Lottie.




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