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Fossil Hunter Lottie (TOTY Action Figure of the Year Finalist) mentioned on as an empowering toy for girls in this article by Roisin Bow. 


TOday Lottie dolls


Lottie Dolls

As we all know, not all heroes wear capes, and that’s where Lottie comes in. Originally invented by a small Irish toy manufacturer, Lottie’s positive message has made her a huge global hit. Instead of possessing superpowers, Lottie has a great intellect, and encourages young girls to follow their dreams and speak their minds.

Fossil Hunter Lottie Doll

Unlike more ‘traditional’ girls dolls who model bikinis and live it up in dream houses, Lottie is happier to go on an exciting outdoor adventure, carving her own path in life. She’s even thrown her hand at palaeontology – that’s right, this girl digs up dinosaur bones as a hobby! Despite being undeniably cool, Lottie knows that she isn’t perfect and is prone to making the odd mistake, but is keen to learn from her errors, and that is a good moral that everyone should adhere to.

Credit// Roisin Bow 

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